Entry #1


2007-07-18 19:14:22 by BlakTornado

Finally, the Newgrounds redesign is here! I'm amazed by it! Sure, it may not be a huge step away from the old design but, then again, it is. I'm thrilled with all the new features and exciting new things that have been added and I'm glad that I've finally worked out how to use the new Flash Portal! (I kept clicking in the boxes and it stopped it from working. I don't know why but it did, for some reason.)
I cannot wait for the finished thing! (And hopefully some much-needed attention to the Clay Collection? *hint, hint*) Now, enough on Newgrounds and now onto me, me, me, me, me! Hehe.
I released my new short today, titled 'We're Transformers Too!' It's a bit of a tribute to the new 'Transformers' movie that I haven't actually seen yet (I was meant to release my short on the 4th of July but the idea of the Flash Portal being crowded with 'Independence Day' submissions made me steer clear... and then I procrastinated largely and didn't get it finished until today, 18th July 2007). I do not know it's score as of yet, but 'm hoping it will be adequate, to say the least. I'm not aiming for portal awards anymore. If I get them, I get them. I've already received two (One that I didn't know about until yesterday!) and I don't expect to be getting anymore soon. I just hope I don't get blammed (although it's quite unlikely as I haven't had a blammed submission for over a year... but there's always that possibility!). So that's all I can really say about my new short (Although it will be concluded soon, in a way)
Now, onto my album. I'm very close to finishing. VERY close. I'm past the recording stage and it's just the mixing that's getting to me - making sure there's not too much of a volume difference between each song (Which is very hard as I have no direct way of telling how loud each song is, so I can't reference how loud each song needs to be!). It's just trial and error basically.
So that's my album and my short and I'll leave this now as its midnight and I have school in seven hours (Sports Day! I can't wait... (I'm not a very big fan of sports)). So yes, goodnight and enjoy my new short!


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2007-07-20 08:42:45

its great aint blak?


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